Friday, May 7, 2010


My mind is numb. I sit here.

I sit here.

I know I will go home and see a big smile and a loud, “Mommy!” I will finally feel that everything, in my world, is alright.

But I also know that my heart will be heavy. Still.


The air will not be as heavy as from where I came. I will still feel them gathering, mourning, celebrating.

Thank you, God, for reminding us of small gifts everyday. Even at the worst, there has still been the strong arms of friends, a cool breeze on our face, the sun shining on new spring leaves, warm soup, and frogs. Thank you, God, for giving us moments full of goofy kid smiles, the loud crack of a baseball bat at Little League, chair dancing to GreenDay, and laughter between the utter sadness. And, thank you, God, for giving us the grace to recognize these moments that still exist and embracing them with the most vulnerable of hearts. Beauty is everywhere and gratitude is thick.


Langdowns said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for inviting me into your blog (via FlogYoBlog)

Wanderlust said...


Oddyoddyo13 said...

I am so sorry-this must be very hard. To pick up the pieces is hard indeed. But, thankfully, we are blessed with the little things like a smile and a hug.


Cbellabell said...

I absolutely love the name of your blog. It sums up the last eight years of my life!

Lucy said...

How are you? You have been in my thoughts, sweet girl. xx

Lisa said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS and I think it was fate that you posted over there before me. You're Pampers and Pinot, I am Diapers and Wine. I must follow you.

Sorry you're going through some difficult times right now. I am too. It stinks. Hugs....

citymouse said...

Even when life is it's ugliest, we can take comfort in God's love and the love of our family and friends. I have no doubt that your friend will always remember your love and kindness during this low point in her life.

I know from experience that it is those ugly things in life that make us thankful for all the goodness that we are blessed with.