Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gratitude Adjustment

My blog has been a little neglected in the last week because of something that happens every year – the month of May. Many events all occur in quick succession, causing a whirlwind of celebrating and eating. Then on days like today, a Sunday, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off (or a mummy whose head fell off, whichever you prefer) and try to satisfy desperate urges to untangle power cords, bake bread, and get out the sewing machine because all pants with uneven hems must be fixed NOW.


I want a day off work.

But no. I will keep marching on and finish this damn school year, hanging on to sanity by a thread.

I think a little gratitude would do me some good right now. Here is what I’m grateful for:

photo from here

-Right now, in this moment, I am not sick. No head cold, no cough, and now I will go knock on wood.

-Right now, in this moment, my son is not sick. He is napping.

-A rainy day is making the world a little more green outside. Free water for the plants from God!

-I am grateful to be one year older.

-Which reminds me, I am grateful for swimsuits that have attached skirts.

How about you? What’ve you been up to? What’re you grateful for?


Suniverse said...

I am grateful that right now, at this moment, I have people I can rely on.

That one girl said...

Swimsuits with attached skirts, lol!

Okay, I'm grateful forrrrr, um, my newish dishwasher that makes my life as mommy a little easier.

And tampons. Seriously, what did women ever do without them?

And Vodka? Guess I'm grateful for a lot!

Ca88andra said...

I'm grateful that I have today off to finish my assignment (which I should be doing instead of blogging) and I'm grateful that my youngest son is cooking dinner tonight!

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm grateful for chocolate.

And Diet Coke.

Losing Brownies said...

May is busy for us too!

I'm thankful for my little guy.

I'm thankful for making it through the first year.

I'm thankful for brownies, Coke Zero Cherry, and white wine!

Mommy's Paradise said...

I have one of those swimsuits LOL, they're ok in the water, perfect on dry land, but just coming out of the water having wet stuff flapping between your the thigh, yuck, I don't like that at all.

But I'm thankful for many things, the most important one: for every day with my little one without a tantrum (oh yes, sometimes he has those good days too) :-)

Jessica said...

I am grateful you just reminded me that I didn't water my garden today. Now if I can just remember to do it first thing in morning.

Oh, and I am grateful my child is finally asleep.

May has been a very busy month. I hope you survive.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am grateful that it is FINALLY getting warmer here!

(Florida) Girl said...

I could stand a bit of gratitude therapy myself.

Today, I am grateful for a place to call home.

Glen said...

I'm grateful for women that wear swimsuits with skirts :-)

JoL - Amazon freak-a-zoid said...

just had a birthday, too, and just did the counting the blessings while reconciling getting older is a GOOD thing

board shorts w Victoria's Secret (push up) tankini's are def at the top of the blessings list -

Anonymous said...

I am grateful:

that thanks to the internet, we now know that we are not alone.

that my sister rocks.

that I am making it in this world.

SuzRocks said...

I'm grateful for a husband I love, even if I never get to see him.

And for jeans that suck in all my fat.

Kara said...

I'm very grateful for life - for the return of birds, for green again after a long winter, and the sun, the glorious sun which I've seen little of these past few weeks. Am I being sappy? Okay - I'm also grateful for red wine, hours of laziness, and grown kids who leave when the weekend is over. Better?

jess said...

I am grateful for the small moments that become loving memories.

Deb said...

I, too, am grateful for swimsuits with attached skirts! Without those, I might never be swimming.

I'm grateful for the bloggers who've expanded the boundaries of my world, making it more vibrant and more full of laughter. I'm grateful for every new word my son says. I'm grateful, having read this, that my school days are done for now and that I'll never have to take another law school exam again . . . except once in a while in a nightmare!