Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning

I am so very grateful for the positive reactions to my novel excerpt last week. Glen, in particular, from Glen's Life wrote a most heartfelt comment, and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me! Here is what he said:

"Nearly three years of blogging, it has become clear to me that any idiot can blog.

Anyone can say - 'Hey guess what my kids today?'

Within that there is never any real obvious link between writing talent and success. Some people do well because they can write, others because they are funny, and others for no obvious reason that I can see at all. While others can write amazingly well but don't get anywhere.

While being a blogger is relatively easy, writing actual fiction - now that is hard.
Writing actual fiction well?

What you have done there is shown the difference between blogging and writing.
You are good.
Finish that book."

Thank you, Glen! If you have not done so already, pop over to Glen's site as he is a disarmingly funny bloke in the UK who also enjoys sharing some carefully crafted fiction.


Now, I will simply post about what my kid did this weekend! Because I like to take it easy like Sunday morning sometimes. One cannot be brilliant every day, for crying out loud.


Parker had finished in the bathroom. "Daddy! Come look at my poop! It looks like a chicken!"

I could not resist. I had to look. It looked like a chicken! It did! It was a little piece of poop that was kind of shaped like a chicken.

I know. You are probably horrified right now, but you'll be ok.


In the downstairs bathroom, I saw a bunch of stickers floating in the toilet.

"Parker!" I yelled. "Why are there stickers in the toilet?"

Instead of answering, Parker just sighed and said, "Ah, call a plumber then."


And now, I give you a picture of the most precious thing that Parker gave me on Friday. A pet rock.

Is this not totally adorable?

Have a good week, everyone!


Lance said...

when you get feedback like that, it;s like diving into a warm pool or ocean isn't it?

He's right,you are good. I'm glad I come here several times a week.

Glen said...

You are welcome - I meant it :)

Buckeroomama said...

Ditto what Lance said. :)

Priceless --Parker's reply to your calling him out on the stickers!

Natalie said...

Yep you are good...and I've always wanted a pet rock :)

Kara said...

I agree with Glen, you have a gift. You also get some pretty great material from that boy of yours! :)

Jessica said...

You do need to finish your book.

Gotta love our kids.

TV's Take said...

Hey congrats on your positive feedback! Can't wait to read it.
Love the 'call the plumber comment.

Jackie said...

Feedback like that is the best and it just keeps you going for days and days, doesn't it?

So.... did ya call the plumber?

Actually Mummy said...

See? You even write well about the stuff your kids do!

My Inner Chick said...

First of all, Congrats on your great review.

Second, I don't think I shall ever look at chicken or poop the same way again! Xx