Friday, January 22, 2010

Naked Flashdance

Mr. Personality

I must recount a story involving my son, Parker, from about a week ago. It is the kind of story that he will be utterly embarrassed I wrote about in a blog when he is old enough to care. . . but, it is too cute to not tell. Some background information – Parker has a big personality and winsome smile. As soon as he hears music, he charms people with his toddler dancing moves. He performs dramatic acting scenes, pretending to fall down at the bottom of the stairs. He exclaims, “Tank you!” as we leave the grocery store. One night, he surprised my husband, Richard, and me with another exuberant display. He was wrapped in a towel after his bath. Parker was kind of standing on top of his changing table, being supported by Richard. As soon as the towel came off, Parker suddenly began flashdancing! (Definition of flashdancing: running in place very, very fast as if to the tune of “Maniac.”) He was naked flashdancing. For about a good 30 seconds. It seemed to go on for a long time. His face was filled with joy. Richard and I just watched with our mouths open. At one point, one of us exclaimed, “Wow!” As suddenly as he began, Parker stopped. Richard and I both again said, “Wow.” Parker shouted, “See THAT?!” We all laughed and then continued on with the nightly routine. Now I reflect back on that because it’s so great to learn from our children and see the world through new eyes. Bathtime and nakedness are times of pure exhilaration and joy! Now I don’t think I want to flashdance naked, especially not in front of other people (or a mirror, for crying out loud), but I will try to see more opportunities for pure joy in simple moments. Dancing with Parker when the music comes on, sledding the hill when it’s covered with snow, jumping off the swing when we’re at the park. And I will shout, “See THAT?!”

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Katie said...

Oh Kristy! I love the story. I especially love the thrill of experiencing pure joy in the simple things and exclaiming "SEE THAT" as if to say, did you see my joy? Did you experience my joy?!