Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Honest Scrap Award!

I got a blog award! (Big, cheesy grin) I didn’t even know these existed, but now that I know about them, I want them! This award was given to me by dear Mommy X
Here it is in all its glory!

I am deeply grateful. If I was going to get an award, I would like to have the “Honest Scrap” award. I know that people exist who shy away from recognition, but I am shameless in my desire for positive attention.

To fulfill the instructions of my blog award, I must report 10 random, interesting facts about myself, so here goes!

1. I love wine and I drink a lot of it.
2. I enjoy laughing at myself. The ability to laugh at yourself is very important.
3. When I am mad at people, I like to call them Fuckers. In fact, I am strangely proud of hearing my mom say, “Kristy just calls them fuckers.”
4. I absolutely love to read, and even as a mom, I never quit.
5. I used to smoke like a chimney and swear like a sailor, but now I just swear like a sailor.
6. I am flattered to hear my friends say that I am a very expressive talker, and I can’t help but growl sometimes when driving home a point.
7. I’d like to think I’m not neurotic, but I think I am.
8. I am a reality TV junky. I love junky, trashy stuff, and I love Tivo.
9. I struggle with anxiety. I think the first few months of my child’s life was one long panic attack.
10. I am not having another child.

Well, there you go. Honest scrap.

Here are people that I would like to recognize in the blog world for having Honest Scrap. If you have already gotten this award, you are a more fabulous blogger than me, and you may disregard.
Oddyoddyo, Dani's letters for inspiring poetry in me again
Brenda at Mummy Time for always being a fabulous and entertaining mommy blogger
Mommy Wants Vodka because who can resist a title like that?!
Kathryn at From the Inside Out because I am still laughing about the Olympic activities in her front yard
Smart A$$ Mom because she is interesting
Parenting By Dummies because she feeds my reality TV obsession
Finding My Weigh because she is totally relatable
Mountain Momma - her little girl gives her fits but of course we all think she is just too cute!
So Now What? For making me laugh as soon as the page loaded
Wanderlust for being awesome, interesting, and funny
Sage bloggers, please tell me if I am not “following the rules” correctly or if you have constructive tips for me. I am soooo trying to find my way in all this! Please tell me how to investigate making Mommy X's name a link so that people can easily check her out (I really am that blogger stupid, no heckling please). Love you all. I’d like to thank my son and my husband and my family and the universe and all the children of the world. Thank you.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Well, normally when you get an award, you pass it on. In this case, I think you're supposed to pass it on to ten people. Other than that, you did beautifully. :)

As for the link, when you're making a new post, highlight the word you want to make a link with, then go onto the site, copy the URL, then go back to the "new post" site and in the sidebar find the "link" one. Then, paste the URL into the bar and click okay. It should do it from there. I hope that wasn't too confusing! (Don't worry, I had to have this explained to me too. You are not alone.)

Kristy said...

Got it! Thank you for the guidance!

babyandsofia said...

I love the ten random facts. I, too, love the vino and am neurotic. But I must say that (lucky for me!) my anxiety has waned a bit since I had my baby. (It was out of control before.)

kbxmas said...

Hey, thanks for the award!! What a sweetheart you are.

Cussing, smoking and growling. And wine. Awesome!

Mommy X said...

Hey there, girl. The award is much deserved. I really, really enjoy your blog. Glad to know I have a sister in enjoying the swearing. I am doing ok with giving it up for lent but I really want to call someone a f*cker, too. I have decided that repeating what other people say is NOT swearing. Real swearing is spontaneous. And that is how I get by. I am not having any more kids either. At least not planning to. Unless someone gave me unlimited money and time. Then I would probably have like 4 more. Oh, and a nanny.

Love your facts. What's your favorite white wine? I am a wine novice and would love some suggestions.

Brenda said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the award, Kristy. And it doesn't matter if I've already got one. I am a sucker for them. Hehe.

And I totally agree with you, laughter cures everything. Well almost everything.=)

parentingBYdummies said...

I especially love #3, because I like to do that too. Only I don't really have to be mad. Thanks for the award. I love getting awards because it validates my awesome which means sooner or later Dumb Dad and The Dudes will have to get on board with that.

Kathryn said...

Aw...thank you so much for the award! I am truly honored...and congratulations on receiving yours!

Shoot me an email at theinternalmakeover@comcast.net if you need any tech support on this here fabulous, award-winning blog.

Oh, and congrats to all the recipients!

Gillian said...

Congrats, and thanks for passing it on to me!!

So Now What? said...

Why thank you lovely lady! I identified with so many of your admissions. Especially the trash tv and calling people fuckers (only the ones who deserve it). You are one funny lady and I look forward to reading more. I will be recognising my luck on my blog soonish :)

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me miss you so much Kisty.

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