Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Love My Bub!

Over at Krista’s blog, Picture Imperfect, Krista wrote 10 Things that made her happy and recommended that others do the same. Krista’s blog is highly recommended, full of beautiful photography and musings. She is also valiantly quitting smoking and deserves some major kudos for the success she has had with it so far!

So, I have decided to do 10 Little Things I Love About My Bub so that I can prove to all of you out there that I truly love my little maniac deeply from the bottom of my heart, and I really do not think he can be an asshole (well, let’s just be honest, I guess I’ve thought that a couple of times).

Ok, feel the luuuuuv, baby!

1. My bub says “Thank you” in a way that melts people’s hearts. Actually, he says, “Tank you!” in his cute little voice, and he says it all the time! I kiss him on the cheek, and he says, “Tank you!” I put him in his crib and put the blanket over him, and he says, “Tank you!” I wipe his nose, and he says, “Tank you!” Sometimes, he will be having so much fun with a particular toy that he will look up at me in the middle of playing and say, “Tank you!” Ohhhh, precious.

2. If I catch his eye in the rearview mirror, he bursts into this big smile and laughs like a goof.

3. When I drive on an on-ramp to the freeway, Parker loves the speed. He shouts exuberantly, “Go, Go, Go!” We get on the freeway and yell, “Woo, hoo!”

4. Almost every slightly-odd behavior can eventually be linked back to his Cars obsession. Every once in a while, Parker will (with great excitement) completely lick the side of my face or my husband’s. Then, I saw the tractors (on the movie Cars) licking Mator and realized where that came from. The daycare lady says that Parker acts like a “monster” and chases everyone growling. I had to clarify, “No, he is acting like Frank. The combine. In Cars.” Now that some speech is more understandable, we realize that he is saying, “Dinoco’s all mine!” instead of thinking he is simply grabbing his toys and saying “All mine!” Well, I could go on and on.

5. Parker is full of the dance! It is great. As soon as any kind of music comes on – whether you start singing, or the TV plays music – Parker just starts DANCING. He puts his shoulder into it and everything. If it is hip-hop type music, he gets on the floor and acts like he is break dancing. If ballet dancers are on Sesame Street, he glides around like them. He has even been known to naked flashdance! (Check out my January 2010 Naked Flashdance post).

6. Sometimes when you pick him up, he will put his head on your shoulder and pat your back like he is consoling you.

7. Out in public, Parker is very social. He likes saying hi to people and checking things out. I see this as a sign that he has a go-getter type personality, jumps into life, and doesn’t have much fear. I have been embarrassed many a time when I realize that I am STARING at a mother or father and their child - WHO IS JUST STANDING THERE WITH THEM. If Parker is not contained, he is ON THE MOVE, running, checking things out, grabbing things, talking to people.

8. Parker calls all fish his “babies” (fish in a tank, play/plastic fish, pictures of fish). I do not know where this came from. But it is damn cute. My husband and I just giggle when we hear this because it is nothing but just really adorable.

9. So far, Parker seems to respond well to discipline, behaves very well at daycare, and with some sleep training sleeps through the night and takes reliable naps. These types of things are very important to parents, and so even when I’m totally frustrated by picky eating, normal whining, and tantrums, I know I am lucky and grateful for the fact that he’s not a TOTAL freak and he sleeps well.

10. Parker seems to be pretty artistic all around. At a very early age, he loved coloring. His fine motor skills are great for a boy his age. He loves music and dancing. AND! He ACTS! Yes, he is an actor too. He is a triple threat. He lays down at the bottom of the stairs and goes, “Oh, oh!” He acts like he fell down the stairs. He acts like he has fallen off the bed too! He lays at the bottom of it and does the same thing! Oh, he is so silly.

He is a silly, silly guy. Now do you believe I don’t think he’s an asshole (all the time)? Geesh!


kbxmas said...

Very sweet! I have a little Cars fan myself (though he's never tried to lick my face!).

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's so cute! Thanks for sharing more about the little guy-he sounds like he has quite the personality.

Pink Haired Momma said...

Great list. He sounds like a wondrful child. And you, momma, do love him very much!

kathryn said...

Oh, I remember that age! Three boys...three sets of unbelievable cuteness...and they're FUNNY, too.
He sounds adorable...and smart...and hilarious. I'm sure he's the favorite grandchild/nephew/student/guest at every party.

Of course he is....'cause he's yours...and he's..well,perfect! (I mean, look at that face!!)

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Love your honesty- but only two glasses of wine ... I hope the glasses are big :-)And Happy Friday Follow- stop by my place when you get the chance!

Krista said...

Hiya Kristy! I just finally got here to read this and it is SO sweet!!! He sounds like an absolute joy - I think I would enjoy meeting Parker!

Thanks for the nice things you said about me. I'm still blushing. :o)

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