Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blast from the Past Meme

I was tagged in a meme by Nic at Diary of a Domestically Challenged Housewife. Yes, you read me right - Nic is back after a little blogging hiatus. She has returned with a meme kick-off to re-post your very first blog post EVER.

And, thank goodness for that, because it is Sunday, and I am going to go RELAX. Before I go, I must say that it was fun to look back at this first post and remember how blog dumb I was. I called it, "my column," and I thought I would actually be able to write a post every day. Without further ado, here is my post from January of this year 2010. (See below for who I have tagged in this meme.)

Welcome to my Column!

I never imagined all the feeling and downright angst that goes into having a child. My son is the world to me and makes my heart twist and turn with that gleam in his eye. My chest cavity actually hurts when I look at him sometimes because of the love and pure emotion that runs through me. Today he is 22 months and 8 days old. A lot of hard work, tears, intense ups and downs, worrying, laughter, second guessing, and (did I mention worrying?) has gone into the last 22 months and 8 days.

Motherhood, in addition to the impact it can have on a marriage, was way more than I had originally bargained for. And I wouldn’t take any of it back. It is my journey and my family’s journey, and even though some days and weeks can seem very long, most of it flies by and we must remind ourselves that we’ve really only just begun. There will still be many nights ahead when we wonder if there will be any tiny amount of energy left to enjoy retirement and an empty nest. Just as there are nights that I am sappily, hopelessly grateful that my son wants to cuddle and I hope it lasts for hours.

As I write this, I am enjoying the last day of a 3 day weekend. I am yet again ignoring the need for a workout. I can hear Nick Jr. in the distant background downstairs. I feel gluttonous as I have sequestered myself away with the laptop upstairs in my bedroom and a single vodka cranberry cocktail. I can hear my husband and son outside doing what boys do best – playing with tools and cars, crawling around on the ground getting dirty. My purring cat looks gloriously content to be enjoying a moment alone with me. Before a full time job, motherhood, and (this new term I discovered) “housewifery” takes its toll each day, I will try to reclaim my desire to create, write, and BE who I am-even for one small column a day!

Well, there you have it. The beginning of greatness.

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Aging Mommy said...

A new blogger too - I started mine in February and was laughing reading this post remembering my own total blog dumbness but I have to say this was a pretty good first post. Not sure I'd want to dust mine off and am thankful I got not a single comment on my first few dreadful attempts at posting :-)

Wanderlust said...

Isn't it fun to go back and read our first posts? I was actually tagged in this meme about eight weeks ago and reposted my first one, which was from November of last year. You can read it here:

Thanks for thinking of me!

Mrs Woog said...

I am going to post my first one this week - inspired my you (as always my sister in booze)

Anonymous said...

"Column" is funny! the post is good though. I like that you were upstairs sequestered. with booze.

I read our first post just now and gag. lol

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Awesome meme! LoL Love your first post.

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

This is such a cool meme ;) And I've done it!!
I love reading what people wrote, popping their blogging cherry, so to speak ;)
Here's mine-

Ratz said...

This is a great meme... the one that was embarrassing for me but... it is okay i guess... yours is great :-)

Cheryl said...

OMG. Uh...yeah. Mine was like two sentences. On my old blog.

Brenda said...

I loved this meme. I've posted mine a couple of weeks back.

Sorry but you've lost me on the 'single vodka cranberry cocktail." hehe.

Tiffany said...

Hi there! I came across you at SITS today, and love your blog name:o) I enjoyed looking around and will be back!
The Blissfull life of a 'Boy Mom'

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It is so well written. Thanks for sharing it.