Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go Ahead, INDULGE!

Indulgences have a whole different meaning as a mother. During pre-motherhood, I spent about every weekend morning in bed, sleeping, drinking coffee, and reading. I did not even leave the bed until lunchtime! Then, I would usually eat lunch and head off to the gym. I would even work out to the tune of, “I’ll be up at the gym just working on my fitness” (Fergie). Geez, Louise, just remembering this kind of a schedule sounds downright luxurious. Well, here is my new list of indulgences. Every single one of these things brings pleasure and gratitude into my daily life (or whenever they happen).

1. Showering
2. Showering AND getting to shave my legs
3. Showering without being watched
4. Going to the restroom without being watched
5. Snacking on something without having to share it
6. Sleeping past 8:00 am
7. Watching a TV show in its entirety in one sitting
8. Fixing my hair to satisfaction
9. Putting on lotion
10. Watching a movie without computer animated graphics
11. Being in my house alone
12. Online shopping and packages arriving at the door
13. Allowing myself pancake breakfast every Sunday
14. Happy hour with girlfriends about twice a year
15. Scrapbooking without sharing my glue sticks and stickers
16. Committing to laying on the couch long enough to put a blanket over myself

As you can see, having a child really shook things up. But, that is a really good thing. Small things are so much more delightful now. What are your indulgences and daily delights?


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly! You listed a majority of the things that I also embrace as wonderful things. Here are a few more. . . Going to the store (grocery store, Target, mall) by myself to browse without being rushed, using the computer without extra pushing of the buttons, listening to MY station on the radio in the car, and doing anything that does not require me multi-tasking (I never knew the comfort of being able to focus on one task at a time and finsih it to completion).

Kristy said...

Kortney, you just listed things that make me laugh because they are sooo true for me too, or I actually thought of those but then totally forgot to put it in my list when I wrote it! Thanks for the comment!

diane thoma said...

Love this one, and especially snacking on something by myself. It seems so selfish, but I really want to eat what is on my plate and not have it fished away by one of the kids. My true indulgence I love is to get up before the kids on the weekend, manage to make my coffee and breakfast and then sit down - eat the whole thing while reading my magazine without interruption. This RARELY happens. But like you said, when it does I really live in the moment and enjoy. :)

baby&sofia said...

I would have to say that a MAJOR indulgence for me now would be taking a shower that is long enough for me to shave my legs AND wash my hair. I think it has happened maybe twice since my darling baby was born....