Friday, February 26, 2010

Mad-Skills Mothering

If I do say so myself, I have a few mad mothering skills. Now, I may no longer be able to exclaim (with a fist in the air), “I have a mind like a steel trap!” but sometimes I do not give myself enough credit. I can be pretty self-deprecating when it comes to acknowledging my strengths, but honestly, there are some things I do that I am quite impressed with. If we are to survive at all, us mothers must recognize the amazing feats we accomplish daily.

For example, I have ALL kid-food items’ microwave cooking times completely memorized down to the perfect second. Macaroni and Cheese Easy Pouch?! Two-thirds cup water and three minutes – no more, no less! Graduates Lil’ Entrees cups and trays?! Forty-five seconds (even though the package says thirty seconds)!! Michelina’s smiley face potatoes and chicken?! Two minutes, thirty seconds!! Four Tyson Chicken Fries?! Twenty seconds, flip, twenty seconds!! Hah! I could go on, but you get the point.

I feel this is something to be very proud of. Also, I cannot resist pointing out the fact that anytime my husband needs to heat something up, he has to yell to wherever I am and ask how long the item cooks. I smugly yell back, “Three minutes.” I’m sure other mothers will now think, “I know, geesh, why can’t they READ the package themselves and problem solve accordingly?” But I’ll just say you thought it, and I didn’t say a word.

At the same time I am deftly preparing two entire dinners through microwave cooking (one dinner for my husband and me, and one dinner for the little maniac, of course), I can also step around play cars and tipped tractors (anyone who has seen Disney Pixar Cars as many times as me knows what tipped tractors are) while “disciplining” my child (e.g., “Stop! Get out of the way! Not right now!”). Impressive, huh?

If you have ever had two loads of laundry going while preparing a mental list of groceries, while watering the plants, while the waffle cooks in the toaster oven for your child, you know where I am coming from. Give yourself a pat on the back. We rock. Our skills cannot be denied, and we are allowed to be in awe of ourselves. I gotta go. I need to get back to watching Oprah and reading Us Weekly at the same time while planning our next dinner so I can maximize the time I have before my husband and son come home.


Mommy X said...

Yep, I have some mad skills myself. Never considered them such. I always remember exactly when Go Diego Go is on Nick Jr. And I am excellent with my Spanish pronounciation. Go me! Also, excellent with my #2 timing. I have the mad skill of catching the kid right before he drops a deuce. Sometimes. And many more. Nice job with those microwave times. I have a similar skills but not quite as honed as you. I would be Bronze to your Gold medal. Oh, and I gave you a bloggy award. I just adore your little part of cyberspace!

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING your blogs, they are such a hoot & so real to life! My talent is to find anything in the house that anyone is missing. I have this visual memory ability that I recall where I saw things. I believe this is an advance gene provided by God to allow me to save time and perform some other more critical mommy task. Keep 'em coming!!!! Diane Thoma

Catherine said...

I am so with you Kristy. However, the "other" half is a one track kind of person. He cannot hold the baby and do ANYTHING else. Sometimes, I'm surprised he breaths and holds Connor. Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful dad. He gets up with me in the middle of the night to feed, even though I have to do all the work. But multitasking is not his strong point. :)

Katie said...

You go supermommy! I swear, Kristy, by the time I get around to having a baby of my own, I will have all the answers! You are a wealth of super-mad-working-momminess!...When Parker gets to be a teen, I just may have a few tricks and bits of advice up my sleeve for you.

Babes Mami said...

I've been visiting from SITS and loving your blogs! I'm good at knowing 15 minutes before my son gets up, idk how I just know. I also know when meltdowns are coming and can diffuse them with the finesse of a bomb squad.