Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reality TV is my Crack

Botox, anyone?

I freaking love reality TV. I know it catches a lot of slack, but dammit, I can’t tear myself away. I even have an excuse for my behavior that sounds intelligent. I am a psychologist and I also love social psychology, and watching an ill-advised amount of reality TV is like conducting observations of real crazies. I know, I know, many things are set up or manipulated, but I don’t care. It is an escape and I watch in horror and fascination. There are other reasons I watch of course, besides professional observation. To illustrate, my husband and I were recently checking out the new Secrets of Aspen (yet another reason why my husband is a saint for living with me. He is subjected to my obsessions). If you have not watched this show, be warned. It is atrocious. In the words of one of my favorite reality TV stars, “It is self indulgent crap!” (If you don’t know who says that, then you do not watch enough reality TV). My husband, in utter disgust, says, “Who are these people?! They are awful! They’re mean! Why are we watching this?!” I excitedly replied, “Because!!! They are so awful it makes you feel like a much better person!” So, there is another reason for watching reality TV.

The real reason I started this rant was to pick on another of my favorite shows-The Real Housewives of (insert city here). Every single time I watch, I am totally blown away. These are REAL HOUSEWIVES? Are you kidding me? If I am living in the United States of America and there is a popular show called “The Real Housewives of such-and-such,” then I’m going to think this is actually a representation of REAL American housewives. Has anyone else noticed that many of these women are not “housewives” at all?! Some are not even married, nor do they have children. And get this, even the ones that are not married and have no children-many times they have no job as well. They must simply be, “housepeople??” certainly not “housewives.” They spend their time getting Botox, buying Botox for others, having Botox parties, oh, yes, and doing charity work. Maybe producers believe that in order for this show to be interesting, it needs to only have rich women on it. But I firmly believe that if they REALLY did a REAL Housewives show, there would be some fun drama to watch! How about “The Real Housewives of El Paso?” Or, “The Real Housewives of Compton?” Or, “The Real Housewives of Pueblo?” Well, these are just initial ideas.

I have already gone on long enough, but before I go, Hey! Reality TV lovers, Survivor starts next Thursday!!! Woop, woop!

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